Captain’s Quarters

In the early 1700’s on a dark and stormy night, the infamous Black Bart and his crew have set anchor and gone ashore after months at sea. You’ve heard tales that Black Bart has a treasure map of immeasurable value hidden in his quarters. His boat, the Royal Fortune, bounces angrily in the waves, beckoning you – daring you, to come aboard and find the treasure. But you know if you’re caught, walking the plank will be the last thing you do. Can you and your crew brave the storm and sneak into the captains quarters, find the map and get out before the captain and his crew return?

Room Difficulty: Beginner Friendly

Our Rooms

We offer a variety of thematically different experiences at Beat the Room. Join us for an immersive experience ranging from the Victorian 1st floor study of the great Sherlock Holmes to the depths of a 1700s pirate ship Captain’s quarters. We design each room with attention to detail to help you suspend disbelief and really get into the game. All of the rooms at Beat the Room are designed to have an exceptional experience and most gameplay is without the invocation of fear or fright- but if you are looking for a scare book Krampus: Violent Night!