The Old Miner from the edge of town has always told stories of the gold he and his “good buddies” hid in the Motherlode Mine before it was closed. He’s even offered to give you directions to the hidden gold in exchange for you retrieving it. The other locals say the mine is dangerous, that it’s been closed because it’s unstable and could collapse at any moment. Will the call of the gold lure you in? And if it does… will you make it back out of the chasm?

Room Difficulty: Intermediate

Our Rooms

We offer a variety of thematically different experiences at Beat the Room. Join us for an immersive experience ranging from the Victorian 1st floor study of the great Sherlock Holmes to the depths of a 1700s pirate ship Captain’s quarters. We design each room with attention to detail to help you suspend disbelief and really get into the game. All of the rooms at Beat the Room are designed to have an exceptional experience and most gameplay is without the invocation of fear or fright- but if you are looking for a scare book Krampus: Violent Night!