How early can we arrive?

While there is a quick waiver to fill out, please don’t arrive more than 30 minutes before your scheduled room.

Maximum Players in the Room

Due to fire code, regardless of the event type, there can only be 10 people in the room. If all the players are under the age of 14 and an adult needs to be in the room with the players, this person counts towards the…

Can we bring our infant with us?

Yes, and your infant doesn’t count towards the room maximum. However, there is no place to put child down during the room or space for a stroller, so you’ll either need to hold your infant or have a carry harness of some type.

What ages can I bring for a kids party?

Our rooms are designed with 14+ in mind. Kids under that age will surely be able to assist and figure out some of the puzzles, but will likely have a difficult time completing the room without significant assistance from an adult.

Some secrets are meant to be kept

Share freely about your experience but please keep the clues and mysteries of the room a secret so that others may have just as much fun as you did!


$29 per person + applicable sales tax + booking fees. You can also book our entire location by the hour. This is especially useful for celebrations, private events, team building, or creative interviewing – inquire at