Krampus: Violent Night

Tonight is Krampusnacht, and you have been deemed naughty. You hide in your room, underneath the bed covers as you ask for forgiveness. Suddenly the air becomes freezing…You hear the rattle of chains and the ringing of bells… “He’s here,” you whisper to yourself. A claw-like hand rips you from underneath the covers and everything goes black. This is the last thing you remember. As you groggily wake up on an unfamiliar floor, you hear the demented laughter of what looks to be elves. You realize you’re in a cell. One of them approaches you and mutters, “The Master will return in an hour to finish you off.”

Room Difficulty: Challenging

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We offer a variety of thematically different experiences at Beat the Room. Join us for an immersive experience ranging from the Victorian 1st floor study of the great Sherlock Holmes to the depths of a 1700s pirate ship Captain’s quarters. We design each room with attention to detail to help you suspend disbelief and really get into the game. All of the rooms at Beat the Room are designed to have an exceptional experience and most gameplay is without the invocation of fear or fright- but if you are looking for a scare book Krampus: Violent Night!