The Bridge

Deep Space

In 1986, the United States and United Nations suspected Russia was experimenting with an extrasolar virus. They feared it could wipe out the entire planet. With the support of the UN, the US assembled a secret space station into orbit with two astronauts. It’s now 2020,…



Several years after the California Gold Rush, an old mine is discovered in a secluded area near Sutter’s Mill. Each year, the town hosts a lottery where a selected group of explores can enter the coveted mine and collect any treasurers they discover. Many previous…

Captains Quarters

Captain’s Quarters

In the early 1700’s on a dark and stormy night, the infamous Black Bart and his crew have set anchor and gone ashore after months at sea.

an dark old grainy looking image of the Magna Carta on a desk

The Initiation – Rocklin

Having recently uncovered some evidence of a powerful secret society, as usual, your curiosity has gotten the best of you!