Bitten – 90 Minute Game

You’re the only survivors after the Vampire King devastated our city and kidnapped the Mayor’s daughter. He bit you, and you know it, but you’re still alive, why? You’re transitioning…soon you too will be a nightwalker, coven member, a newborn vampire. There’s only one way…

The Hidden Dragon

Dr V and his crew have been contaminating the city’s water supply. We have created a distraction to open a 60 minute window for your team to get in and reset the chemical settings to the water supply and get out before they return. Can…

The Bridge

Deep Space

Welcome aboard, BTR-2162 astronauts. This vessel is currently experiencing system failures due to a power overload. There are two astronauts in cryosleep aboard this vessel, we need you to get this ship back to full power or their lives may be in danger. Once all…



Several years after the California Gold Rush, an old mine is discovered in a secluded area near Sutter’s Mill. Each year, the town hosts a lottery where a selected group of explores can enter the coveted mine and collect any treasurers they discover. Many previous…

Captains Quarters

Captain’s Quarters

In the early 1700’s on a dark and stormy night, the infamous Black Bart and his crew have set anchor and gone ashore after months at sea.

an dark old grainy looking image of the Magna Carta on a desk

The Initiation – Rocklin

Having recently uncovered some evidence of a powerful secret society, as usual, your curiosity has gotten the best of you!