Deep Space

In 1986, the United States and United Nations suspected Russia was experimenting with an extrasolar virus. They feared it could wipe out the entire planet. With the support of the UN, the US assembled a secret space station into orbit with two astronauts. It’s now 2020, and their worst fears have come true. An extremely contagious, and untreatable, virus has ravaged Earth. With the outlook of humanity looking bleak,  your group has been commissioned to launch the Firefly 5, the last resort mission to the space station. Once aboard you must start the thawing process for the two astronauts in cryosleep, and send them into hyperspace on a course to a new world. You have only 60 minutes to complete your task before you risk viral exposure to the astronauts. You must complete your mission and use the escape pod to eject yourselves from the spaceship to save humanity!