Rocklin Experiences

221b Baker Street

Your team, a consulting detective agency, is working on a case with Sherlock Holmes and Scotland Yard.

Captain’s Quarters

In the early 1700’s on a dark and stormy night, the infamous Black Bart and his crew have set anchor and gone ashore after months at sea.

The Initiation – Rocklin

Having recently uncovered some evidence of a powerful secret society, as usual, your curiosity has gotten the best of you!

Vacaville Experiences


It is 1928, the peak of the Prohibition era. Your bootlegger gang is trying to secure a reliable booze supplier. However, the much more powerful and influential gang of Al “Scarface” Capone has managed to get a hold of all the local suppliers and they will not…

The Plundering

Set in the 1700’s on a dark and stormy night. The Royal Fortune is anchored and emptied of its crew. You successfully stole Black Bart’s treasure map last time you boarded his ship. Now you and your crew want to plunder his ship again..except this…