The Plundering

It’s a dark, stormy night, and The Royal Fortune is anchored and emptied of its crew. Captain Killian and Captain Scarlet successfully stole Black Bart’s treasure map last time they boarded his ship, but they left something very valuable behind. Now you and your crew have been hired to plunder his ship to retrieve what they lost… except he knows you’re coming. You have 60 minutes to escape the ship before Captain Black Bart and his pirates find you and you’re forced to walk the plank!

Room Difficulty: Challenging

Our Rooms

We offer a variety of thematically different experiences at Beat the Room. Join us for an immersive experience ranging from the Victorian 1st floor study of the great Sherlock Holmes to the depths of a 1700s pirate ship Captain’s quarters. We design each room with attention to detail to help you suspend disbelief and really get into the game. All of the rooms at Beat the Room are designed to have an exceptional experience and most gameplay is without the invocation of fear or fright- but if you are looking for a scare book Krampus: Violent Night!